The Artexpo in New York attracts thousands of art industry insiders and artist from galleries worldwide. It hosts more than 25,000 avid art enthusiasts annually and is the biggest international gathering that brings together top qualified trade buyers—including gallery owners, managers, art dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers and art & framing retailers and much more.


 This is my second time attending the ArtExpo, and I felt privileged which I know is as a result of my hard work and determination. I was part of the Foto Solo section. This part supports independent fine art photographers by offering them a chance to exhibit their collections to tens of thousands of art lovers at Artexpo.Featuring here were some of the world’s best abstract and contemporary photographers.My assistant and I arrived there directly from the airport. I had prepared, and face mounted ten pictures to acrylic. These pictures were in the following category:

  • Wildlife photos from South Africa, 
  • Cityscape photos  from Paris and NYC
  • Landscape photos from the Nordic countries as well. 

I was very well prepared this time, unlike last year. My goal this year was not about selling pictures but more or less, to do commercials for my travels to Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. The ExhibitionI was very excited about the opening hour of the ArtExpo.  It is hard to predict in advance how many visitors who would attend during these four days.It´s in New York so I bet there would be a lot. However, how many of them would be interested in real photography (without Photoshop)?


 I was together with 62 photographers that were chosen to attend the show. The first day was for traders. A few of these traders visited my stand.The second day saw an influx of visitors...lots of them!  At the end of the second day, I had more than ten serious photographers that wanted to travel with me to Iceland!Wonderful!The third day started at 11 am. As we walked into the show, we discovered that there were people were waiting for our arrival. How Nice!The day went out so well. A few pieces sold and a bunch of interested people and photographers that wanted to follow me to Iceland to the workshop later in 2017.I began to feel that this travel was worth it after all. The last day of the ArtExpo was quiet. We packed everything and started with our plans to deliver the artworks (bought at the ArtExpo) to the buyers. The very next day I rented a car with an excellent GPS – and started off the 80 miles journey to the customers. They gave us a hearty welcome with Expresso on our arrival. It was a pleasant experience to have the possibility to deliver these art pieces myself. Side NoteThe Artexpo is an American art show. The one in NYC is big – immense and difficult to ”stand out” from the rest of the photographers and artmakers. Guess what? This time I was successful. I think it was because I was the only one that had art pieces from both the Nordic and Africa. The other artists/photographers had only local landscapes.My mix of South Africa and the Nordic landscapes stood out quite well and  attracted visitors to me.ConclusionOne of my wins from the Artexpo this year was meeting one Gallery owners from Canada and Boston. I also made an excellent connection with a company that sells pictures as decorations to hotels and lobbies in USA. They also invited me to have a business venture with them.Oh! Worth noting are the old acquaintances and relationships I made during my stay there and a plan on paving a path for efficient follow-ups in the future. 

 I ended up my trip at FlatIron building. Took the elevator to level 21 and from there the chairs (outside chairs) to the roof of that building there I took some pictures as well. So cool to have done this. PSI am in search of galleries in New York that can represent my art collection. If you as a reader – knows anyone who owns a Gallery in New York, please do not hesitate to put me in contact with them.All the best – From Anders Jorulf