Our day started off very early in the morning as we flew from Stockholm to Olso. When we arrived at Gardermoen/ Olso airport, we had a delay with our connecting flight to Iceland.The pilot informed me of the storm and high winds at the airport in Iceland. The winds there were about 115 kilometers per hour, and ideally, 108 k/h would be safer for him to land.So after spending about three hours and thirty minutes at the airport, we were finally on board heading for Iceland. It was a cloudy and rainy day with winds gusting at approximately 104 kilometers per hour.On our arrival, we rented a car – 4-wheels truck – and started our drive to the hotel outside Keflavik. We had a hot shower and off to bed for a good rest. After a good breakfast the next morning, we headed off to our first site, a waterfall.MXLLS

​​Then we visited Skogafoss and Thingvellir. We also visited " The World`s Oldest Parliament" This area is located in the middle of continental platters- Eurasia and North America.Most of the waterfalls we intended visiting and taking pictures of were far apart. This meant that we had to travel for long distances ( some in Keflavik)  to be able to photograph these beauties.It is a fantastic view to be able to see all of these waterfalls, experience the deafening noise associated with them, and watch their waters empty into the Atlantic Ocean.It is worth mentioning that, the weather in Iceland is volatile. It could easily go from a warm sunny day to rainy mess in 20 minutes. My advice is, you should be prepared for any sudden changes in the weather.The Black Beach It is an amazing experience to watch The Atlantic ocean. The waves are gigantic and perfect for a wonderful to photo session. Have you been to the “Black Beach” in Iceland? It is a beautiful and memorable experience to see it. The beach is completely black and white.There is no other color but for the skies (if it is blue)  Think for one second and try to imagine yourself there- absolutely stunning! This lava beach is very long and has huge cliffs too.

The AuroraOne of the most imported things to in Iceland during winters is to chase the Aurora or the Northern Light. Two things are necessary when planning on chasing the  Northern Lights  and achieving good results. These are;1)EnoughNorthen Light and 2) Clear weather.

Northern Light or Aurora @ Iceland


At this time (March 2016) we had both of this. It mostly begins at 7 pm  – and continues for 8 hours. The green lights were all over the sky, and it came on and off all night long. It is hard to express how I (we) felt but trust me; it is an amazing experience especially if you are planning on a  photo session.Photo ExpeditionIceland is a beautiful country. Planning on a one-week photo shoot expenditure to this amazing country is a lifetime experience you do not want to miss.It has a gorgeous landscape that stretches from waterfalls, beaches, and hot volcanoes to muddy roads. There is a lot to see and experience in this beautiful country.

My next photo expenditure is scheduled for November 2017. I have a maximum of 10 people who would accompany me on another wonderful photo adventure in Iceland.Join me from where ever you are. From New York, the Nordics, Europe or Africa, you are all welcomed to partner with me and let's explore this beautiful Island and take epic pictures. We would;

  • Chase the Northern Lights/ Aurora
  • Visit the most spectacular waterfalls in the world
  • Take a hot bath in the Secret Lagoon

Of course, I would be your guide throughout this tour. We would take care of your flight and host you here at the B&B or any reputable GuestHouse.Welcome to this unforgettable adventure in Iceland with us.xoxo Anders Jorulf